THE PROJECT… “Bag to the future” was born from the will to exploit the potential of the “zampogna” (a type of bagpipe peculiar to some Italian regions) to its best. Throughout its ten tracks, the work alternates original compositions and arrangements of famous songs, through a journey in which traditional rhythms and tunes swerve towards rock, jazz, and classical music, generating an encounter of heterogenic genres and inspirations bond together in an overwhelming groove.

Along with Zampognorchestra, several important guests join the project, like Nando Citarella (actor, musician and singer), Daniele Sepe’s exuberant saxophone, Massimo Giuntini’s uilleann pipes, Francesco Loccisano’s battente guitar, then again, Mico Corapi, Primiano di Biase, Vincenzo Gagliani and the Pink House Orchestra.

Zampognorchestra play rock! And jazz, classica, blues, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones…

Forget the bagpipe player’s stereotype and all the traditional Christmas songs just for a moment. Try on the contrary to imagine four musicians armed with a zampogna, striking up the guitar riff from Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction”, or the intro from the Beatles’ “With a little help from my friends”, instead of “O Christmas tree”.

“Bag to the future” is Giuseppe “Spedino” Moffa, Massimiliano Mezzadonna, Aldo Iezza, and Antonello Di Matteo’s extraordinary and original experiment, produced by Francesco Sardella (pink house studios) for RaRa Records label, through which they managed to bend an instrument typical to the tradition of south and central Italy, making it into a real “orchestra”, as atypical as irresistible and enthralling.

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live @ RAI RADIO3 La stanza della musica 11/01/13



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